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Online revision platform for pre-registration pharmacists

Succeed in your GPhC exams by revising with us

Your unsurpassed up-to-date question bank with:

  • 1000’s of single best answer multiple choice questions
  • 100’s of calculations
  • Answers and step-by-step explanations to all questions provided
  • Peer and tutor support
  • Unlimited attempts at online practice questions, anywhere, anytime and on any device until you’re perfect

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Who we are

We are here to help you prepare for your GPhC exam. Our question writers are registered practicing pharmacists from a wide range of sectors.

You can be reassured that the practice questions are topical, relevant and cover a wide scope of practice.

You don’t need to go through stress, panic and fear of failure during your pre-registration year!  

When you practice with us, you’ll quickly notice that our questions and accompanying notes are well constructed and designed to stimulate richer learning and longer retention of knowledge.

You should be reassured that all our questions are tested thoroughly with real pre-registration students and continually reviewed and updated by our question writers.  

By the time you’ve finished practicing our questions, your knowledge base will grow, your confidence will improve and you will feel ready to sit the GPhC exam.

What we can offer

We offer:
  •  Up to 520 practice calculations
  •  Over 3500 MCQ & Extended matching  questions
  •  All questions have instant feedback and explanations/notes
  •  One-to-one support via online platform

The number of questions that you can access at a given period will be shown when you sign up.

Our practice questions will take you out of you comfort zone and challenge the way you study and help you develop your knowledge base, your problem solving skills and your critical appraisal skills.

See all our programs

Example Questions

Extensive Question Bank

Sign up with us and you will have access to one of the largest up-to-date question bank of:

  • 520 calculations:13 sets of 40 questions by chapter and 10 sets of 40 questions full GPhC paper 1
  • Over 3500 single best answer multiple choice: over 30 sets of 50-80 questions
  • 3 sets of 120 questions full Paper 2 Mocks

You can attempt the questions in each room as many times as you like until you’re spot on!

Instant feedback, marking, explanation and brief notes

Every question you attempt is marked instantly after you submit your answer.

You will receive feedback for each question you attempt in the form of a score, the correct answer and an explanation or notes.

You will receive a final score at the end of each question set to inform you how well you’ve performed.

  •         No more wasting time searching for answers from peers or reference sources
  •         No more clutter of papers or files to look up for information
  •         No more travelling long distances and staying at hotels overnight to practice mock questions

More benefits……..

Peer and tutor online support

We know from our previous students’ feedback that you are more likely to achieve your full potential and success at the GPhC exams if we support, coach and mentor you.

We also know that you’d like be confident and competent as a day-1 pharmacist.

You should have peace of mind working with us knowing that our experienced pharmacists will hold your hand and provide you with one-to-one online support if needed.

You will also enrich your learning and connect with other students via our online platform

We will soon be commencing free Zoom training sessions for our subscribed members.

Please watch our events calendar on the home page for details.

Pay monthly, no minimum contract and terminate at any time!  

(subject to our cancellation terms and conditions)

Unlike other programmes, you are not tied to a long contract and can exit at any time.

Our programme

The main components of our revision programme are summarised below: 

  1. You choose your topic
  2. You pre-study your chosen topic using your notes and other available resources
  3. You go into practice rooms and attempt questions
  4. You reflect on your performance and identify your weak points
  5. You put up a study plan to improve deficient areas and repeat the cycle
  • The more cycles you do the richer your knowledge gets
  • Long term regular practice and studying are key.                                                             You shouldn’t leave it for last minute
  • You should move to a new chapter once your performance is satisfactory
1. Timing

You will be able to access the practice questions throughout the year.

2.  Practice rooms

You will have access to 19 online practice rooms (depending on your subscription level) PLUS 1 free trial room.

The practice rooms cover key BNF chapters, calculations, MEP, responding to symptoms and pharmacy practice. A full mock room will be added at a future date.

Please note that the number of practice rooms you can access depends on your subscription level

You will be notified at signing up how many rooms you can access.

3.   Practice room Questions

Your 19 practice rooms are listed below. They are all mapped to the GPhC framework.  

Chapter /

Topic in practice room

No. of Questions in room

Number of questions in each set

Number of sets available

Application of guidelines

Indications, Doses,

Cautions, Contraindications

Drug interactions

Treatment monitoring

Drug use in pregnancy, breastfeeding, renal and hepatic impairment

Patient counselling and lifestyle measures

1.        GI




2.        CVS




3.        RESP




4.        CNS




5.        INFECTION




6.        Endocrine




7.        Genitourinary




8.        Cytotoxic




9.        Blood & nutrition




10.     Musculoskeletal




11.     Eye-ear-nose-throat




12.     Skin




13.     Vaccines & anaesthesia




14.     High risk & Other Topics




15.     MEP & Pharmacy Practice




16.     Responding to symptoms




17.     Full mock




We recommend that you set your timer to allow for 1.25 minutes per question

Under practice conditions aim to complete each question in 1 minute or less

The topics covered in calculations are shown in the table below:

Calculations topic

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Set 7

Set 8

Set 9

Set 10

1.        Doses and dose regimens

2.        Dosage and unit conversions

3.        Estimations of kidney function

4.        Displacement volumes and values

5.        Concentrations (e.g. expressed as w/v, % or 1 in x)

6.        Dilutions, including concentrated water

7.        Molecular weight

8.        Using provided formulae

9.        Pharmacokinetics

10      Health economics 

11.     Quantities to supply













We recommend that you set your timer to allow 3 minutes per each calculation question. Under practice conditions, you should aim to complete each question in less than 2.5 minutes.

After you have completed multiple sets of calculations from each of the 2 calculations rooms, you will be clear about the gaps in your knowledge and areas that require further improvement well before the GPhC exam.

You will be able to go in and out of these rooms to practice questions as many times as you wish!

For you convenience, all questions have instant feedback, a score and brief notes as highlighted before.

If you are a student who enjoy constant challenge and being stretched to the limit in your learning, we have good news for you!

Most rooms have multiple sets which will be regularly uploaded with new question sets at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you…..

At sign up, you will be advised which rooms are available to you.

Summary of Benefits for You

  • You have access to an extensive GPhC-style question bank of over 2000 single best MCQ and 400 calculations,
  • You can save your valuable time as each practice question has instant feedback and explanation,
  • You will be supported throughout with our experienced pharmacist tutors and your peers,
  • You will have unlimited attempts at practice of questions with each set organised by clinical chapter or topic or as a full mock exam (subject to availability),
  • You can access the questions on any device, anywhere and at any time provided you have an internet connection.
  • You can see your weakest areas straight away and work on them.
  • You can pay monthly without a long term contract and exit at any time.   
(Subject to our terms and conditions)

Benefits for Pre-Reg Pharmacists

  • Access to extensive GPhC-style question bank of over 3500 questions centred around the GPhC framework.
  • Save time – each practice question has an answer, instant feedback and explanation
  • Support, question & answer sessions available with tutor or with peers on online group
  • Practice questions organised by chapter or topic
  • Calculations organised by topic or as mixed full mock
  • Option for full MOCK with mixed questions covering all chapters

Previous Pre-reg Pharmacists Feedback

‘I passed, I am so thankful for all your support. I’m still in shock. I got 34/40 in calculations and 90/119 in clinical. I can’t believe it still. I can’t thank you enough for all your support throughout…. The content and context of your questions were so relatable and fantastic. I’m not just saying this because I passed’ {SM-October 2019}

‘To be able to apply my knowledge to all kinds of given scenarios is the key thing in the GPHC exam and Focus Pre-Reg Revision provides just that. So, after completing as many rooms as I could, I was no longer scared and this proved to me an exceptional improvement and before I went into the exam I was not as panicky’ {SM-September 2019}

‘Really helped to build up my level of confidence not just for the exam but as a first day pharmacist …it made such a big impact in my pharmacy placement, all of a sudden I felt so confident to give advice to customers, I even started spotting errors in prescriptions and felt confident enough to raise the issue to prescribers which actually made a difference to patients wellbeing…. {VG- September 2019}

‘Everything worked so well for me but interactions with the tutor and his promptness to help and setting me up online or dealing with a query was fantastic. I had come across many trainers but not one like Focus Pre-Reg Revision. The online rooms were absolutely amazing.’ {EC-September 2019}

‘Engagement in group work practice questions, advice, MCQs discussions….. Ability to practice repeatedly helped’ {AK-September 2019}

‘Calculations tests were very useful, the discussions and points made in the WhatsApp group were also very informative the experience of using smpc to answer questions was also very helpful’ {PV-2019}

‘….. I passed. I just wanted to say thank you so much. Those questions that you made were so helpful and really helped me so much for the exam’ {KI- July 2019}

‘Hi…… I am forever grateful for bumping into you. I have managed to pass the exam. Thank God’ {AA-July 2019}

‘Hi… I just wanted to let you know that I have passed the exam. I could not have done it without your support and questions! So thank you so much. I honestly appreciate it’ {SM-July 2019}

‘Hey…. Apologies for not letting you know sooner but I passed…… 30/40 for calculations and 98/119 for clinical. Thank you! {PP-July 2019}

Good morning, hope you’re well. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve passed the pre-reg exams. I couldn’t thank you enough for all the help you gave me. Thank you.’ {SR-July 2019}

‘Hey! Yeah it went surprisingly well, I passed. Thank you for your help and kind words to help us through the year’ {UP-July 2019}

Hey!! Just want to let you know I passed!! And say thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it… 34/40 in calculations and 90/119 in clinical ‘{PV- June 2019}

‘I passed! Thank you so much for all your help. 35/40 calcs and 98/119 clinical. Really happy with my result. Didn’t expect to do that well. All your questions really helped me. I learn better when I just do lots of questions and practice. So thank you so much. I did my first day as a pharmacist today’ { SS- June 2019}

‘Hi…. I’ve passed my exam. Thank you very much. I couldn’t have done it without you. I had 28/40 in maths and 100/119 in clinical. Slightly disappointed in my maths but a pass is a pass’ {OA-June 2019}

‘Hi… I’ve passed haha. Sorry I haven’t messaged you, on holiday lol. Thank you very much for your help. Haha I was very shocked at my result, 35 calculations and 101 clinical’ {KF- June 2019}

‘Couldn’t believe it, still can’t believe it…… Got 80% both papers but smashed maths got 36/40. So shocking that I used to get 30 ….’ {AK-Sept 2019}

‘I passed. Wanted to thank you. May God bless you for all your help’ {ZK- September 2019}

‘I passed. Thanks for all your help. I got 115 in clinical and 36 in calculations. You are amazing…you helped me so much…. Credit is due to you…. I went through the BNF 4 times…NICE guidelines…. all your responding to symptoms…… your MEP questions… rooms were so good…. I did vaccines, infections, endocrine, cardio, CNS, MEP, responding to symptoms just before exam which was very useful… exam was fair, I wouldn’t say tough’ {AH-September 2019}

Hi… I passed! I start reliefing on Monday, thanks for all your help during the revision period, 34 calculations and 90 clinical…. It was pretty hard but I managed to get the pass.{KK-June 2019}

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